Friday, July 15, 2011

EVEN MORE Tangled Concept Art

EVEN MORE artwork that contributed to Tangled's success.

More Tangled concept art

More artwork that contributed to the characters' looks we see in Tangled today.

Tangled concept art

Here's some of the artwork from Disney artists that helped the creators of Tangled come up with ideas for the character's looks. As you can see in some pictures, Rapunzel was originally meant to have a green dress - that's why in some Rapunzel doll accessory sets, a green dress is included along with a pink one, the dress she wears for her homecoming celebration.

Rapunzel clay sculpture

I made this sculpture of Rapunzel in pottery class and thought you guys might like to take a look! I painted it with acrylic paint, and it was fired once at cone 6.

Looks much better painted, right?

How To Draw: Rapunzel and Eugene with lantern

Start out with basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles in pencil.

Then add detail in pencil or pen, whichever you prefer. If you do pencil, be sure to afterwards reinforce your drawing with pen.

Lightly color in your drawing.

Press harder now as you recolor your drawing.

Finish off any leftover blemishes. And just like that, you've got a not-so-bad drawing of Rapunzel and Eugene holding a lantern!

Mattel Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert Doll Review

Flynn/Eugene comes with a shirt with attatched vest, pants, belt, shoes, his satchel, Rapunzel's crown, two necklaces and a bracelet. This handsome theif's face is a classic look from the movie, and his apparel's coloring is completely accurate. His clothes and shoes are kind of hard to get on and off, and his legs are not attatched too great so be careful if you want to sit him down, or his leg's will pop out, though they're easy to pop back in. The crown, bracelet, and one necklace are gold with fancy details, and the other necklace is purple with details and a butterfly on it. Flynn/Eugene's body is plastic as well as the satchel, belt, shoes and jewelry.
Great for collectors, but hard for children to play with without breaking. Reccomended for collectors only.

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Disney Store Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert Doll Review

Okay, so now let's have some fun!
I'll be posting reveiws on Tangled products here, so I might as well get that started.
Rapunzel's forever love is a great quality doll with a smirkish-looking smile. His clothes aren't too detailed and he has a plastic body and hair, but Rapunzel will love him anyways. His shirts are attatched, so the clothes and boots are easy to get on and off. His arms and legs bend at the joint, but only the elbow joints are fully rotatable...the knees are kind of hard to bend. He can sit, but not unless propped up or you prop his arms up behind him, and then his butt doesn't stay on the ground. His face is well-done. The colorings are accurate to the movie, though his vest was a little lighter blue. His waistbelt and pocketbag are attatched.
Highly reccomended. Great for play and collecting.
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