Friday, July 15, 2011

Mattel Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert Doll Review

Flynn/Eugene comes with a shirt with attatched vest, pants, belt, shoes, his satchel, Rapunzel's crown, two necklaces and a bracelet. This handsome theif's face is a classic look from the movie, and his apparel's coloring is completely accurate. His clothes and shoes are kind of hard to get on and off, and his legs are not attatched too great so be careful if you want to sit him down, or his leg's will pop out, though they're easy to pop back in. The crown, bracelet, and one necklace are gold with fancy details, and the other necklace is purple with details and a butterfly on it. Flynn/Eugene's body is plastic as well as the satchel, belt, shoes and jewelry.
Great for collectors, but hard for children to play with without breaking. Reccomended for collectors only.

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